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Factory Blend - C8

Vitolas: 5" x 50 & 6" x 52  |  Profile:  Well Aged  |  3ct Pack


This an extremely special Factory Blend Arrangement! From Cuba to Calle Ocho Miami, and straight to your door! This VERY well-aged, specialty tobacco blend comes from the deep archives of a project started in Miami that was left forgotten for a few years. Just two weeks ago we rescued these for you! Handcrafted by our Cuban friends with tobacco we cannot mention, these cigars made their way to a cellar in Miami and now, come straight to you!

The Factory Blend Arrangement "C8" (Calle 8) offers rare wrapper, binder & filler tobaccos and has a profile of well-aged tastiness. Offered at random in 3ct packs of Robustos or Toros, both the same blend.

Factory Blend - C8

US $45.00