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Puro Sabor 2023 Pack

Vitolas: Robusto 5" x 50 | Profile:  • • •  | Enviro-Pack: 2 x 3ct (6 cigars total)

RESERVE ORDERS ONLY; allow 2-4 weeks for landing

The 10th Anniversary of the Puro Sabor is happening now! Yesterday, Cavill welcomed hundreds of attendees. This attendees enjoyed these Puro Sabor Packs in their specialty Favilli Welcome Bag! For the duration of the Puro Sabor, we taking PRE-ORDERS of this special cigar to send to you directly from the event!

This special edition of The Factory Blend Arrangement is offered in limited numbers and only for a limited quantity!

Puro Sabor 2023 Pack

US $70.00