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Our historic mansion is an internationally landmark and was built by the famed architect, Mario Favilli as his personal residence. The Mansion is the worlds only authentic neo-classical premium cigar production facility. We provide an unrivaled experience, offering to Nicaragua and the world numerous stimuli that transcend san average cigar factory. Our four floors feature coffee and spirits bars, boutique cigar craftsmanship, tours and a private rooftop luxury-experience.

the land of volcanoes & lakes


Flowing lava has shaped the landscape of Nicaragua for millennia. Its fruits are still bearded today in many forms, but most notable is Her Volcanic Soil. The gift of the volcano to Nicaragua has been the contributor of her finest fruits. The nutrient filled soil, tumbled with volcanic rock, is responsible for growing some of the worlds finest black seed tobaccos. With these tobaccos came possibly the largest eruption known in Nicaragua's history, where she has taken center stage as the worlds largest exporter of premium cigars.



In 2006, a successful & adventurous Beverage Industry Pioneer was fortunate enough to stumble upon that little-known wonder of Granada, Nicaragua. Climbing to the peak of Volcano Mombacho, with only a fine Nicaraguan cigar in hand and the brilliance of Granada as a backdrop, the cigar was blissfully cut and lit. The pureness of the altitude and aromas of the smoke forged a unique reflection on the impact of his journey and brought about the grand beginning: a clear vision that this experience must be shared with the world. 

Oldest colonial city in the continental americas


Nesteld under the watchful eye of Volcano Mombacho is the oldest colonial city in the continental Americas. Landed upon in 1502 and formally founded in 1524, Granada has been a major port and center piece of the Western world for hundreds of years and has been the home to many figures throughout her unique history. Today, her charm of colors and antiquity wow's tourists from around the world. Granada is our home. We're proud to be Her only premium cigar factory and train in vocation her warm, and happy people.