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If the Walls of Granada Could Talk...

1524, thats a pretty long time ago! The Oldest Colonial City in the Continental Americas has seen much more than Nicaraguan Cigars. From Imperial Spanish soldiers to the crazed and self-proclaimed president from Tennessee, to becoming Nicaragua's most visited city, Granada, Nicaragua is truly a world treasure and travelers favorite. We like to think our humble contribution of being Granada's only cigar factory, the only cigar factory in Nicaragua to call a colonial mansion home, adds to the unique flavor of this incredible town. Mansión Mombacho is blessed to host tons of travelers and cigar lovers alike as Trip Advisors #1 Destination in Granada. But its not just our walls that serenade you with stories of the past. Think of the oldest church, La Merced, sheltering folks within her walls to safely pass times of war. Or, the walls of the town square which lead to Parque Central, which over the centuries has hosted bull fights, world dignitaries and the famed market, present in Central Park for more than four centuries.
Nothing accompanies the silent stories of the walls of Granada, Nicaragua like leaning along side of them and slowing time down to the speed of a 100% Hand Made Mombacho cigar. A cigar and a story is a wonderful past time, and we've got plenty of them here in Granada. We'd like you to join us in Granada for this past time, and see our city come alive with every puff!