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Mombacho Moments: A Blog

The Mighty Volcan Mombacho

Towering over the oldest Colonial city in the Continental Americas is Volcano Mombacho. A cornerstone of Central America and one of our very favorite places, Mombacho's importance cannot be captured in words alone. You might be asking, "Isn't it just a dormant volcano? Whats the big deal?" Well, its not just that Volcano Mombacho is the most visited of Nicaragua's 78 natural preservation areas. Or it certainly isn't just about the great hiking or eco-system laden with unique birds and wild cats, visited by folks from across the globe. It is about what Mombacho represents, its about the influence and energy this great volcano administers to all who rest their eyes on this most unique shaped mountain with a fiery lava base. Mombacho is a stratovolcano in Granada, Nicaragua. At 1,344 meters high, the colossal sleeping giant is visible from every corner of the city of Granada. Mombacho's last eruption occurred in 1570, but thats not how the "exstinct" volcano took its shape. Though we don't have any official record of the initial blast, it is estimated that Mombacho blew its top some 20,000 years ago and created a flourishing new environment that would have a greatly significant impact on Nicaragua, and more so some millennia later. You know those beautiful cigars you smoke from Nicaragua, the ones with the distinct taste that is so satisfying? Well, Mombacho was a major player in birthing the unique volcanic soil that produces the worlds favorite premium tobacco - the taste of nicaraguan cigars is the taste of the best tobaccos grown in the best volcanic soil on the globe. And those charming and picturesque heaps of rock in the largest lake of Central America? Mombacho's explosion produced the 365 volcanic islands known as the "Isletas", a unique assembly of cays not mimicked anywhere else in the world. And best of all, Mombacho has given to those beautiful people and joyous spirits who are the natives of Granada, growing under Mombachos watchful eye for generations. That famous Granada-smile and notable hospitality can only be found under the shadow of the gift-giving stratovolcano. For us, Volcano Mombacho means everything. It was the first hike up its second steepest side in 2005 that inspired an idea. It was the hike down that turned the minds' gears which churned an idea into action. It is the magnitude and power that drove the motivated action into a factory of some of the worlds finest premium cigars. It is Mombachos shape that shapes us. Even the Mombacho Cigars logo mimics the view of Mombacho when looking South to North. It is our proud and honorable namesake. We couldn't be named anything but Mombacho, as it is Mombacho that built the wonderful city we love, live and produce in. It is the compass arrow that directs roleros and buncheros to and from their labor of love at the Casa Favilli factory. It is the beacon in the sky that draws folks to Granada when they visit beautiful Nicaragua.  Mombacho is our name, Mombacho is our landscape. Mombachos foundation built our foundation. We are Mombacho, because Mombacho built us, and we are prouder than ever to share ourselves, our work and our favorite place with you every single time you light one of our cigars.