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A RARE OPPORTUNITY, only from Nica

The Puro Sabor 2023 Pack

Hundreds are smoking it at Favilli right now, join them for a limited time

The newest expression celebrating Mario favilli


A Box Press cigar is square in shape, just like the tiles handmade by Mario Favilli that adorn our Favilli Mansion

the very exclusive

Tenth Anniversary

Our Decimo X Año was released in 2016 in only 500 boxes. Few remain.

• c • a • f • e • is coffee & cigars

"Come Around Friends, Enjoy!"

Summer Solstice (• C •) is available, don't forget your daily cup of coffee!

Limited Forever Boxes

Isletas •

The one-dot, Connecticut Shade cigar is your escape to Granada's 500 volcanic islands

Limited Forever Boxes

Tierra ••

The two-dot, new branding and elevated tobacco experience of our flagship brand is here!

Limited Forever Boxes

Lava •••

The three-dot, rich and flowing Lava is available. Experience the deeply rich and sweet satiation!